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@ D6: Sony’s Stringer: PS3 Not On Life Support Anymore

Sir Howard Stringer is doing a star turn as chief salesman for Sony (NYSE: SNE). One of his top messages: Playstation 3, which was “sort of on life support before” is doing very well now. One reason: “It has a life beyond that of the video game.” The PS3 is a server, the Playstation Network is coming (no mention or prodding on the delays) and it already has 5 million subs, the next game that comes out will use “all of the available bandwidth.” More important, the PS3’s status as Blu-Ray player.

Later he said the network will be a test of the ability to break down silos and to create application software.

Blu-Ray: Stringer dismissed the idea that Sony paid its way to dominance over the Microsoft-Toshiba HD-DVD. “We didn