10.5.3 Drops!

While puttering about this morning, I noticed in the notes for Delicious Library 2 – yes, I use it, and yes, I know I don’t really need it – that it prefers 10.5.3.  ‘10.5.3?’ I asked myself.  ‘But that’s not out yet….’

Ah, but Software Update says it is!  Bringing a host of fixes, including the long- and impatiently-awaited fixes to NVidia graphics cards, it should be a very, very worthwhile bump indeed for many users of newer Macs.

For full info, see the Apple documentation here.  10.5.3 is available as a 420 mb update through Software Update, and (hopefully soon) as both a delta and a standalone update on Apple’s site.

Check back here for updates on any problems if you prefer to be cautious and let others try it out first.


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