10.5.3 Drops!


While puttering about this morning, I noticed in the notes for Delicious Library 2 – yes, I use it, and yes, I know I don’t really need it – that it prefers 10.5.3.  ‘10.5.3?’ I asked myself.  ‘But that’s not out yet….’

Ah, but Software Update says it is!  Bringing a host of fixes, including the long- and impatiently-awaited fixes to NVidia graphics cards, it should be a very, very worthwhile bump indeed for many users of newer Macs.

For full info, see the Apple documentation here.  10.5.3 is available as a 420 mb update through Software Update, and (hopefully soon) as both a delta and a standalone update on Apple’s site.

Check back here for updates on any problems if you prefer to be cautious and let others try it out first.


christine Boos

i just had to back up my G5 and format my drive to get 10.5.3 off my system. i am reinstalling leopard and downloading 10.5.2 i had no problems with it.

10.5.3 makes my system take 15 MINUTES just to boot and doesn’t restart or wake from sleep properly.

i hope apple resolves this soon.


I’ve seen a reintroduction of sleep problems with 10.5.3. The situation seemed to have improved in 10.5.2, but under 10.5.3 I’ve have just witnessed my Intel iMac waking up from sleep to run Time Machine.


So far so good on my Quad Core hackintosh. Slightly higher (~3-5%) scores on Xbench too!


seems to be working fine now. After the initial install and restart both Mail and Safari froze and had to be force quit multiple times. After one (or two?) reboots it seems to work fine.



“Fixes a font issue that could result in Helvetica Narrow being used in applications instead of Helvetica.”

Good! iWeb and Pages were driving me crazy with this.


I don’t have any problems at all. It has fixed some of things that annoyed me most, the last weeks…


I’m having problems ever since I put 10.5.3 on, which is too bad, because I was looking forward to it FIXING problems!


argh! I want it to test out the changes to dl2, but this initial mozy upload is taking FOREVERRRRRR, gonna be at least another day.

so what are the changes with dl2 anyone?

Matt Radel

Nice catch eagle eye! Man, that’s pretty crazy – I was just wondering when that was gonna be released.

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