New York Times Reader for the Mac- nice!


It’s no secret how much I love reading the New York Times on my Windows PCs using the Times Reader.  I like it so much I have long paid the annual subscription, and that says it all.  The only thing I haven’t liked about Times Reader is how there was no version for the Mac.  That changed last week and when I picked up my Mac from repair yesterday one of the first things I did was download the beta version of the Times Reader for the Mac.

The install process was painless with a check for Microsoft Silverlight followed by a download and install of that.  Once Silverlight was properly installed then the Reader itself installed in just a minute.  Using the Mac version is very much like the Windows version with the Reader providing the same great newspaper reading experience on the Mac.  I can already tell I am really going to enjoy reading the NYT on my MacBook Pro.


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