How to get games on your Zune

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Pict0019_thumbGot a Windows PC and a Zune digital audio player? With a few downloads and some elbow grease, you can get some games on your Zune now and it’s actually not all that difficult. I’m basing that statement on Steven Hughes’s step-by-step tutorial that I just read through: it’s pretty straight-forward. Now, I just need to get my Zune back from my son, Tyler. I loaned it to him while he saves up for the iPod Touch he really wants. Of course, once he reads this post, he’s likely to tighten his grip on my Zune. Sigh….(via Zune Thoughts)

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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Zune is cool again. :-)

I haven’t looked at all the places in the guy’s tutorial yet, but I wonder if this opens up the possibility of making a Zune web browser!

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