Dreamweaver CS4 Hits Beta

ScreenshotAdobe is out with a beta release of “the next version of Dreamweaver” – which, of course, everyone is just going to call Dreamweaver CS4 until we’re told otherwise. The new release builds on Dreamweaver’s existing tools and integration with the Adobe product line, while adding some new features that are designed to make it easier than ever to build error-free, standards-compliant sites. There’s been a visual refresh as well, which brings it closer to the other current Adobe applications.

ScreenshotNew features in this release include WebKit-based rendering for a live view of your pages as you work on them, easy navigational aids to find related files and code that affects the current selection, and code hints for Ajax and JavaScript frameworks. Collaborating developers will appreciate the Subversion integration, while relatively new folks will benefit from the CSS best practice advice. There’s also fresh support for building AIR applications. Anyone can try the beta for a two-day grace period; if you’ve got an existing Dreamweaver license, it will unlock for 30 days.


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