Monsoon Launches SlingBox Killer; Lets Users Watch TV On A Phone


San Mateo, Calif.-based Monsoon Multimedia, which calls itself “the SlingBox-killer,” announced today that it will be providing a beta of its new digital video service that allows people to watch their home TV on some Nokia (NYSE: NOK) phones. The HAVA Mobile Player for S60 Symbian phones, which Nokia was showing off at CTIA, allows people to watch live TV, pause, rewind, skip and schedule your DVR recordings from a phone. The mobile phone version will be available for free next quarter for those who already have a Hava device at home. However, if you can’t wait that long, Monsoon is now accepting people for a beta program that will run next month. The Hava box costs $100 after a $30 rebate. It’s unclear why Monsoon thinks it will out-do Sling Media, which has already made a lot of headway. Slingbox currently is compatible with Symbian, Palm (NSDQ: PALM) and Windows Mobile phones with Blackberry support coming soon. The one drawback may be that its mobile software costs an additional $30. Truthfully, the fight is likely not between these two players, but between this model and a TV service tailored for the mobile phone. Put another way, will people rather make a $100 hardware investment in order to watch TV — they are already paying for — on their phone, or will they want to sign-up for a separate service, such as MediaFlo, for about $15 a month?

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Agreed with the grammatical errors. It is annoying but in her defense she isn't the only one however, probably one of the worst. Come on, you people are writers, have some pride in your work.

Also, I do believe there is a huge difference between MediaFlo (no on demand & different/limited programming) than the other two.


Don't forget Orb or other personal media servers, which are free with no hardware costs.


You should learn about apostrophes and possessives before you write another headline. That's just plain embarrassing.







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