Mobile Content Bits: Avot Media; JumpTap’s European Expansion; LiveWire Mobile Gets SPV Content


Avot Media launching video service: Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Avot Media said it is launching a mobile video service in about 100 Home Depot stores that will help sell a product called Safety Quick Light’s Fast Attach. At the stores, users will see a sign by the product that allows them to download a short educational video about the product by sending a text message to a short code. A few seconds later, a person receives a message back with a link to the video. The deployment, which is occurring in 100 Home Depot locations in Florida next month, is the company’s first roll-out. The one-year old company identifies what phone the user has, transcodes the video, streams it and modifies it so that it plays back smoothly. “We are going out to any content owners, advertisers or mobile marketers, and are saying, do you want help delivering your video today? It’s not widely used today, mostly because of the barriers to entry,” said David Sloan, Avot’s director of product market. By using text messaging, which is something millions of Americans are comfortable using today, “we are knocking away all the barriers to adoption.”

JumpTap opens new offices, adds execs: JumpTap, a Cambridge, Mass.-based mobile search and advertising company, said today it is opening up new offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Madrid, Spain, to help serve their European and Baltic customers, including TeliaSonera, which is deploying search and advertising services across Sweden, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia and Lithuania. Telefonica (NYSE: TEF) Spain has also partnered with JumpTap to manage its on-portal search and display advertising. Oddly enough, it also said it hired “several well-known executives,” however declined to name them. Release.

LiveWire Mobile signs content deal with indie rock label SPV: LiveWire Mobile, a subsidiary of NMS Communications, said today it has signed a worldwide licensing deal with SPV, an independent rock label. The deal will include ringbacks, full-tracks, ringtones and videos from German-based SPV

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