Industry Moves: Yahoo’s Ira Kurgan Returns to Fox Broadcasting


Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) executive Ira Kurgan has left the company and returned to Fox Broadcasting Co., where he previously worked for 18 years, reports THR. Kurgan had joined the Yahoo Media Group, reporting to then-head Lloyd Braun as chief business officer in May, 2005. Both Braun and YMG itself have since disappeared from the scene, with YMG getting reorg’d away. The departure of Kurgan is just another executive defection from the company. In his new role at Fox, Kurgan will serve as chief of network business operations, working on deals for Fox Digital Media. He ended his last stint at Fox as president of network business operations.

Staci adds: Some more detail … Kurgan will report to Peter Liguori on the traditional side, his old gig, and to Dan Fawcett as head of business affairs, where he can put his Yahoo experience to good use on various digital deals.

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