Fropper Introduces Voice Scraps; Scraps In 9 Languages

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I just noticed that, the social networking site from the People Group now allows users to scrap in nine languages – English, Bengali, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Tamil. I just signed up for Fropper, and gave the scrapping a go. Here’s a screencap of the first scrap:

The text is transliterated and this feature is apparently powered by Quillpad. Also, I noticed that a scrap needs to be a single language – for example, one can’t use both English and Hindi in the same scrap. When I tried changing the language from Hindi to English, and my entire scrap was transliterated into English.

I also noticed that Fropper has introduced Voice Scraps, sponsored by Reliance ADA Group co BIG FM. A screencap of the VoiceScraps here. Users can upload amr, wav, aac, mp3 and 3gp files of a maximum of 500 kb. A few barriers to usage here – users will have to record messages using a microphone and a separate software, and then upload the file. I don’t think I’ll create a voice message with a filesize in mind – so users will be disappointed if messages that are longer than 500kb are not accepted. The BIG FM sponsorship is interesting – remember, the Reliance ADA group also owns BigAdda, Froppers competitor in the social networking space.

p.s.: How’s this for irony, while I was signing up for Fropper, which is from the same group that owns

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