FiLife: DJ-IAC JV Coming In Weeks; Over A Year In The Works


imageWell look at that: FiLife, the personal finance JV from IAC (NSDQ: IACI) and Dow Jones (NYSE: NWS), says it’s almost ready to launch. In a blog post, editor Dave Kansas says the site will officially launch soon, and by soon they mean “weeks, not months.” Of course, the launch comes over a year from when the project was first announced, and about nine months after the lid was first peeled back on the site. Back in April we wondered whether FiLife had been left to die, given the inactivity on the site, though later reports confirmed that it was still alive — new IAC ventures aren’t exactly known for their speed to market.

So what is it? It’s still hard to say. Right now it’s just a blog with various categories relating to personal finance (loans, credit cards, FICO scores). But it says that will change, and that there will be more than just a blog.

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