The Mac is back!


Much to my surprise at 4 this afternoon I got a call from the Apple store telling me the MacBook Pro repair was complete and I could pick it up.  I had an hour before our holiday guests started arriving so off I went and picked it up.  At the store I fired it up to make sure that it would boot (it would) and that it still had the 3 GB of memory it started with (it did).  I brought it home and spent a few minutes to make sure everything was working and all my data was still there and so far so good.  I’ll have to keep an eye on it for a while to make sure there’s no intermittent RAM problem still but hopefully all has been repaired.  They replaced the logic board with one with the same specs as the bad one and said the repair took so long as they had too many Macs to repair ahead of mine.  That doesn’t sound too good and they should be a little more realistic when they quote expected repair time from now on.




well, apple continues to have the highest customer service rating of any other manufacturer. I’m sorry you had problems with yours, but all computers can have problems. You don’t want to just look at a few data points and draw a conclusion…bad idea.

The reality is that they, in fact, have a *better* record than everybody else. That doesn’t mean there aren’t problems to be found..but the data shows that there are less than others.


James, Whatever happened to the time machine backup recovery issue you had with the Mac?

Hopefully your Mac woes will be behind you now…


And that’s the very side of Apple that seems to be ignored amongst all the gushing. Considering the small user-base they seem to have an unnaturally high rate of hardware failure. The web is full of stories of failed “logic” boards, melted power jacks, mooing and expanding macbooks but I can’t say I’ve ever heard of similar problems with the other big brands like HP or Dell. I’ve certainly never experienced anything as catastrophic as a failed mother board on any of the countless PCs I’ve owned or worked on. The fact that your repair was delayed because the queue ahead of you was so long only confirms this.

It’s really pretty bad that products that are so expensive seem to have such a high failure rate.


This blog more than anything else has put me off buying a Mac, even though I want to. The thought of having to go to the mall every other week to get the thing working again scares the heck out of me.

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