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ScreenshotSpanning Sync, the iCal/Google Calendar synchronizer that we’ve mentioned before, is out with a beta of their 2.0 version. In addition to “performance and reliability” improvements for their calendar sync, they’ve added a big new feature: synchronization between your Mac’s Address Book and your GMail contacts.

The synchronization is bidirectional, and can be limited to just certain groups in your Address Book. As with other Spanning Sync updates, the new version will be free to registered users ($25 annual subscription or $65 one-time purchase).



I love Spanning Sync!

It is a perfect two-way-sync tool. I downloaded the trial version and after using it for that period was so pleased with the program that purchased the yearly subscription. Not a single problem! Works perfectly with google, and mac.

Furthermore, if syncronising with a cell phone live becomes much more organized. I recommend it!

I found a discount code for spanning sync and used it to save 5$. Now I’m sharing my discount code for spanning sync to save you 5$. The discount code is: TRNNXX.

Best wishes,


Sync My Calendar

Like Charlie said, the Leopard iCal sync has a bug (had actually), but that has been fixed with a new Leopard software update. I’ve also tried the new Spanning Sync 2.0 Beta and I must say it’s really great to have contact synchronization now.

Charlie Wood


Spanning Sync has been compatible with Leopard since v1.1, which was released on October 26 (the day Leopard was, uh, unleashed).

Leopard iCal has a sync bug that can make iCal stop syncing, but there’s a known fix, described here:

Please let us know if you run into any problems.

Spanning Sync


Any sign of compatibility with Leopard or does it work OK for you? I was looking this just a few hours ago and was a little put off.


Works perfectly with leopard! I’m using it for several months already, no problems at all. It is helpful for a busy person. Save 5$ with the Spanning Sync discount code TRNNXX.

Thank you!

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