New concept version of Netfront browser for Windows Mobile

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The mobile browser space is filling up with upcoming versions of some of the major players right around the corner.  I just heard from Access, makers of the Netfront browser for Windows Mobile, that a new concept version is now available for their browser.  Netfront was the most full-function browser for a long time on the Windows Mobile platform but we saw a very long period of inactivity until recently.  The new version of Netfront has the following features:

  • Speed improvements
  • Better navigation
  • Animated zoom
  • Page map
  • Column rendering

This pre-release version carries the following restrictions:

  • The trial period for this software expires on August 31, 2008
  • Plug-ins are not supported
  • No technical support is available for this concept version
  • IfNetFront Browser is installed on external storage, the application’sbehavior becomes unstable when the device is turned on or off
  • Integrated Windows Authentication for IIS is not supported

You can find more information (including a video) and download the trial at the Netfront web site.

1 Comment


Netfront has always been the biggest disappointment as far as I’m concerned. They were promising desktop-like browsing years ago but their software always seem s to be stuck in beta. When they finally did get a final version out it was sluggish and cumbersome to use with an ugly interface. It looks like after all these years not much has changed.

Meanwhile, Opera is doing what Netfront always claimed and are creating better and better versions of their mobile browser.

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