Top BitTorrent TV Downloads This Week

Top BitTorrent TV Downloads Week Ending May 19, 2008
Rank Last Week Title
1 2 Lost
2 44 Desperate Housewives
3 41 Grey’s Anatomy
4 12 Trading Spouses
5 1 Prison Break
6 24 Heroes
7 13 Smallville
8 6 One Tree Hill
9 25 South Park
10 39 How I Met Your Mother
11 37 Scrubs
12 30 The Simpsons
13 23 Samantha Who?
14 4 Supernatural (2005)
15 32 House M.D.
16 26 Battlestar: Galactica (2003)
17 9 Ugly Betty
18 34 Family Guy
19 35 Jericho
20 40 CSI

Maybe ABC should reconsider allowing embeds of full episodes of its shows. ABC programming occupies four of the top five BitTorrented TV show downloads for the week ending May 19th, according to Big Champagne, which is going to regularly supply this data to NewTeeVee.

It looks like Britney’s boost to How I Met Your Mother extended into the BitTorrent world, and the May 18th season finale for Desperate Housewives gave that show a last-minute bump. Though Gossip Girl, which got yanked off the web by the CW, was in the top twenty earlier, it’s slipped off. But seriously, Trading Spouses is that popular on BitTorrent? Are people still into Marguerite Perrin?

It will be interesting to see what the next list looks like now that most of the season finales are over.