Hypermiling- the tech of great gas mileage

The price of gasoline is spiraling up every day here in the US and with the holiday weekend upon us many have foregone taking holiday trips and are staying close to home.  The high cost of gasoline is bad enough but this cost is beginning to drive up costs across the board as transporting goods is more expensive than ever.  I know Kevin is enjoying his Highlander Hybrid and the good gas mileage it provides and hybrid owners must be feeling pretty smug right about now.

Last Friday I had the good fortune to meet someone in the local Starbucks who has opened my eyes to something I never suspected existed.  Dan Bryant introduced himself and the conversation quickly turned to his passion- hypermiling.  What on earth is hypermiling?  Dan can answer that better than I but basically it is the practice of changing one’s driving habits and in some cases making tech mods to their hybrid cars to stretch the gas mileage that can be obtained.  Now before you scoff at this you should realize that there are national competitions that pit hypermilers against one another and Dan is ranked 2nd nationally as he has posted 106 mpg in competition.  Yes, 106 miles per gallon in a Prius hybrid in competition.  So you can see that Dan takes this seriously and given that he can make a tank of gas last a couple of months with the high price of gasoline we should too.

Dan has appeared on the local news due to his passion for hypermiling and operates a local club and web site dedicated to it.  Check out Dan’s stuff and perhaps your eyes will be opened to his hobby as mine have been.  I had never heard of hypermiling before but I must admit it is totally cool.  Tell Dan that JK sent you.


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