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Joss Whedon Fans Jump the Gun

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Perhaps still smarting from their precious Firefly being killed off so soon, Joss Whedon fans are already mobilizing to save his next show, Dollhousebefore the first episode airs.

The Underwire blog writes that rabid Whedonistas are activating, forming (which sounds like it’s for an entirely different kind of entertainment), organizing viewing parties of the trailer and encouraging people to buy the merchandise.

Not all fans are united though, as some fear all this nervous-nelly attention will create a backlash towards the show before it’s even begun. Networks like CBS are gun-shy of online fans after the resurrection of Jericho didn’t reinvigorate the ratings. More recently, the vampire drama Moonlight was unceremoniously sucked off air, despite Internet protests.

3 Responses to “Joss Whedon Fans Jump the Gun”

  1. Kelly

    CBS and other networks need to get with the times! Viewer numbers shouldn’t just be calculated by who is watching in real time, people may record a show to view later or download it from the internet!

    I’m a loyal and rabid Moonlight fan and I live in Australia, therefore I do not contribute to the US ratings.. but why shouldn’t I be counted?? I watched every episode when it aired on Australian TV (only the first 8 eps were aired in Australia) and downloaded the rest online. Come into the 21st Century CBS (et al) and get a new rating system! I WANT MY MOONLIGHT BACK!

  2. The reason CBS is gun shy is because they fail to recognize the new media. It’s not just setting in front of your TV anymore. Take for instance Jericho, it’s one of the most downloaded shows on the internet, along with a steady viewer ship of 6 million in front of there TV sets. Hopefully the old dinosaur media outlets will recognize all the new viewers the internet brings.