Pic of Transonic Combustion's Demo 100 MPG Car


Startup Transonic Combustion has been quietly working on its efficient fuel-injection technology, which the company says can deliver 100 mpg for an internal combustion engine vehicle. At the FiRe conference this week, Transonic Combustion’s VP of business development, Mike Rocke, showed us this image of Transonic’s planned demo car, which he says the company will use to demonstrate its technology in the third quarter of this year.

Transonic is only building a demo vehicle to show off its fuel injection technology, and has no plans to sell or make cars. The plan is still to do deals with the automakers, and to produce and sell its internal combustion technology. Rocke says Transonic has already been talking to three car makers — one in the U.S., one in Japan, and one in Germany — and has a working engine in its labs that already achieves 100 mpg.

The immediate answer to making our vehicles more efficient is to work on the technology we already have in place, so we can’t wait for the company to get this technology into traditional vehicles. Likely neither can the company’s investors; the startup is backed by Khosla Ventures, Venrock and Rustic Canyon.



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