An iPhone Drama with a Happy Ending

I’ve had my iPhone for about 5 months now, and up until about 6 weeks ago it was pure bliss. Then suddenly my battery life started to go south, fast. When I first got the iPhone, I could easily go 2 to 3 days of moderate use without charging it. When the battery first started to fade, it was a necessity to charge it every night. Soon after that I was charging it twice a day. My usage in between charges in the Settings was around 95% of the standby time. Yikes.

As if the battery wasn’t suspect enough, I discovered (in an effort to save the power) that I couldn’t actually turn the iPhone off. Any attempt to do so resulted in the phone immediately restarting, and going about its normal business. Very frustrating.

Even with all this, I was still nervous taking it to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. I had put it off, knowing full well I should go, but still I made excuses…until this morning, when the iPhone became a dead brick for 15 minutes (thankfully I was able to resurrect it) after it had been unplugged for an hour. Clearly it was time to go.

But I was still nervous about taking it to Apple. Since I’d never had to actually go in an complain about an Apple product, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had previous customer service return experiences swirling around in my head, so I was prepared for a fight. I armed myself with a mental list of my issues and rehearsed what I was going to say. Those Genius Bar guys wouldn’t know what hit ’em.

But when I got there, all I had to say was “Dude, it’s doing this,” and within 5 minutes I had a brand new iPhone. I watched in amazement as two geniuses tag teamed my old iPhone to take off my protective anti-glare film and slap it on my new one. They where kidding around with me and each other during the whole process, and seemed to be having fun. The whole experience was completely enjoyable. I have now been blown away by yet another aspect of Apple’s business.

So if you’ve been holding out on taking in a seemly faulty product, don’t put it off any longer. And if the battery on your iPhone starts to drop a bit, take a gander at your usage between charges. If it’s way out of whack, take that puppy in pronto. Odds are you’ll be glad you did.



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