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@ NCTA: Interview: Philippe Dauman, CEO, Viacom: ‘Some Models Sound Great, Don’t Work Well’

DaumanThe Viacom (NYSE: VIA) booth is usually a swirl of activity at The Cable Show and this year was no exception — Dora The Explorer posing for photos, the Nick animators doing on the spot illustrations, CMT stars hugging and autographing, and RockBand taking it all to a new noise level as attendees hit the guitars, the drums — and even, unfortunately, the microphone. Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman doesn’t try to compete, heading up some metal stairs to a near-soundproof mini-conference room for a talk with paidContent. One of the walls sports an Iron Man poster. Next up, of course, is the premiere of Indiana Jones IV and Dauman sounds almost giddy about the experience. The new movie will be distributed in ways that didn’t exist when the last installment premiered 19 years ago — DVD and digital downloads — and viewed on devices that we take for granted now but weren’t around then. Heck, the web didn’t exist the last time Indy swung into action. Among the subjects we covered: the new premium network JV; Viacom’s lawsuit against Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and YouTube, the possibility of more investment in Joost, and last week’s announcement that sibling CBS (NYSE: CBS) is buying CNET (NSDQ: CNET) for $1.8 billion. Some excerpts:

On premium JV: A few hours before we talked, the partners in the new JV finally confirmed the open secret that Showtime vet Mark Greenberg would be heading the effort. As Dauman points out, Greenberg — “the first and only choice” — has worked for two of the three partners (Lionsgate, Viacom): “We

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  1. Heard that Joost has deperately been trying to raise another round, and hasn;t reached anywhere near the amount they want. Any more info?