Twitter as a Productivity Tool


It seems more and more attention is being placed on how to convert Twitter into a productivity tool. We’ve certainly seen an increase in the number of helpful Twitter bots which continue to bring a lot of useful functionality to the ubiquitous messaging platform.

Keeping track of them can be troublesome so I was glad to find that the folks over at Simple Help have compiled a nice list of 12 ways to increase your productivity using Twitter. We’ve covered some of these in the past but it’s a good assortment of time saving tips and services to get a bit more out of your Twitter account.

While you’re there, take a look around at some of the other useful how-to articles they provide, it’s a wonderful resource when faced with a nagging tech issue.

Are you using Twitter for more than just chat?



I think Twitter, combined with RSS and Summize/Twitterscan is how customer service should be done these days, or at least that’s where it’s going. Not exactly “a productivity tool” but its speed makes you a productive customer rep! :)

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