Life in Mobile Tech Manor- a day of solutions


Mobile_tech_manor_large_2_2Today should be a very good day here in Mobile Tech Manor if things go as planned, and we know that things always go as planned, right?  This morning should see the arrival of the replacement v740 EVDO modem from Verizon, something that I have been anxiously awaiting.  What started as a good tech support experience digressed quickly as Verizon had no replacements in stock so instead of receiving this middle of last week I have been EVDO-less for a week.  This has impacted my work and getting this new modem will be a breath of fresh air.  I have been able to fall back to my redundant plan by using the HTC Advantage as my modem by connecting to my computers via Bluetooth using Windows Mobile 6 Internet Sharing.  This has saved my bacon this past week but it will be much easier to have my ExpressCard modem back.

Today should also see me picking up the repaired MacBook Pro.  I returned to the Genius Bar yesterday and worked with the Genius to determine that the top RAM slot was indeed now bad on the MBP so they are replacing the logic board.  I wish they had done this a while back but I understand that an intermittent problem complicates the ability to provide a definitive diagnoses.  They had a logic board in stock and while they felt they might get it replaced late yesterday it would more likely be done this morning so hopefully this afternoon I’ll get a call to go pick it up.  I’l be keeping a close watch on it to make sure my RAM problems are resolved, I can tell you that.


yep, those kinds of problems can be seriously hard to track. my sister has her HP laptop sent in for the second time because it fails to boot at all…

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