FreeCaddie: a Windows Mobile range-finder for golf


BlackbackgroundIt’s likely no big secret that I’ve been known to knock off from blogging to play around at a round of golf. I usually tie-in some mobile aspect to pretend my trip is legitimate and when I run out of excuses business reasons, I now have a permanent backup: FreeCaddie.This Windows Mobile freeware works if your phone has integrated GPS or supports a Bluetooth GPS receiver of some time. FreeCaddie combines golf course information with your GPS location to provide distances to the front, center and back of the green… info that never seems to help me even when I have it. You can also create your own course file if your local links aren’t in the FreeCaddie database. Sweet! Now that I’ve got the distance-thing licked with technology, does anyone know of a freeware that will actually make the perfect swing for me? And can you hurry… I’m thinking tomorrow’s weather is looking pretty good for 18 holes. Thx.(via Jason Langridge)



Where do you play with a 125 yard hole as a par 4? Also, at 10:23PM isn’t it a little hard to see the ball? Oh, wait, maybe it’s only par 4 at night.


Sorry I am took some time to respond. The distance is to the green smart guy. He hit a 275 yards. And now 125 yards approach shot.

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