Throws Internet Party 2


The last time threw an Internet Party, more than 1.5 million people showed up to watch. The comedy site is hoping to strike gold again with the aptly-titled Internet Party 2: An Intervention for MySpace. (The video embed code had autoplay, so it’s embedded after the jump).

Many of the same characters from the first bash are back, this time to help MySpace face the unfortunate reality of its has-been situation. Facebook, Google and Digg along with some new friends try to convince MySpace that it’s time to move on.

Internet Party 2 is part of a bigger video push Cracked is making this year. According to Cracked, its site is roughly 85 percent text and 15 percent video right now, but by the end of the year that mix will shift to 60 percent text and 40 percent video.

Unlike rival ribald comedy site CollegeHumor, which produces the majority of its videos in-house, Cracked hires most of the work out to different comedy troupes. Typical video budgets are in the hundreds of dollars, are done for a flat-rate fee with no rev share for creators, and Cracked owns any videos created outright.

The Party sequel follows an intentional strategy for Cracked to reuse elements of hit content, “The truth is that you build assets that your audience enjoys and you keep giving them that same experience,” said Oren Katzeff, general manager of Demand Media (which owns Cracked) told me, “In this case, there were characters that were really enjoyable.”

Internet Party 2 is pretty funny, and offers a pretty accurate depiction of major Internet sites and services. I just wish they had bought a tripod. The camera work is all jittery, like the team from Cloverfield shot it. Regardless, this is one intervention worth watching.


Chris Albrecht

Hi Ben,

The company may have different arrangements with different creators, but Cracked told me yesterday that they own the videos outright.


I think Cracked only asks for a short exclusive, not full ownership.

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