Blogo Combines Blogging and Microblogging

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ScreenshotBlogo is the latest desktop blog client for Mac OS X. Along with a blog editor with support for Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Typo, and Drupal, it adds something not usually seen in this category: Twitter integration (with hints of additional microblogging services in the future). You can track your current Twitter activity in a Twitterific-like interface, post tweets directly from Blogo, or automatically tweet when you post to another blog.

It’s an interesting way for constant writers to cut down their open application count by one. The Blogo editor itself is reasonable, with good support for multimedia and a way to see your entries in your real template. Without a source view, it’s not likely to sway me away from MarsEdit, but at $25 (21-day free trial) it will be a good alternative for some folks.

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Blogger allows you to post your Twitter updates to your blog.

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