Adobe’s LCDS brings offline capability to AIR apps


AdobeairofflineConnectivity is key for mobile device users, especially for those that use web-based apps and services. A close second is offline capability, because there are times when you can’t or don’t want to be connected. I often turn off my WiFi or 3G radio to save battery life, and that’s when an offline feature really comes in handy. Google Gears has saved me some battery juice as a result and now it looks like Adobe’s LDCS might do the same in the future.LiveCycle Data Services is Adobe’s framework for enabling Adobe AIR applications to be offline and then sync up when connectivity is restored. Other than Twhirl, I’m not using any AIR apps on a regular basis, but I’ve seen the potential for AIR as a platform when I looked at ReadAIR, a Google Reader app running on AIR. Using AIR instead of a browser, I expect we’ll see some web-based apps that are more customizable and pleasing to the eye. Adding offline capabilities will have me evaluating these types of tools as I run around the town… both online and off.(via Read Write Web)

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