Update: ABC to Update its Player, Add Embeds (Kinda)

We’re big fans of ABC.com‘s media player (especially Liz, who loves her Dancing with the Stars), and it looks like a good thing is going to get better. Perhaps seeing the success of Hulu, ABC announced that it’s updating its players with some new features this fall.

First off, you’ll finally be able to embed video on your blog or web site. You can even post video cued to select scenes during an episode. While ABC’s player was slick, it was maddening that you couldn’t post it anywhere. Allowing embeds is par for the course for any video site at this point, and it’s good to see ABC embracing it

Update: ABC further clarified its release. You cannot embed full episodes of shows, you can only send links to scenes within shows. So you aren’t actually embedding a player, you just embed a link on your blog that brings up the player. It’s baffling that ABC is not embracing it fully, given the success of Hulu. I have a call into the network and will update once I get more info.

ABC is also enabling real full-screen viewing; content will take up the whole monitor and no longer be constrained by a browser. The network is also improving search and recommendation functions and adding closed captioning.

According to ABC, since 2006 more than 300 million episodes have been launched through the ABC.com full episode player. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new player will be in closed beta this summer and launched in time for ABC’s premiere week next fall.