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Updated: Gets Content From Zoom, FTV And Bollywood Hungama

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Video distribution startup has recently inked deals for three channels – with Zoom TV (BCCL Group), and with Hungama for FTV and Bollywood Hungama (earlier known as IndiaFM). All of these are revenue share deals, and there’s something particularly interesting about the Zoom deal – Zoom is doing their own ad sales for their content on the network, and apparently setting up their own team. So far, most content providers have let the online distributor do sales, and taken a cut. CEO Sunil Nair feels that broadcasters are better placed to bring their existing advertisers on the network – in which case Nautanki operates as a distributor. At the same time, Nautanki will sell advertising for smaller content providers. Zoom’s revenue share is 70 percent, and the 30 percent that Nautanki gets is shared between them and the publisher (they have a publisher network of over 3200 widgets). claims that they’re clocking 5 million video views a day, with 11 lakh unique IPs and 4.5-5 videos per play, as per an independent audit by JuxtConsult. On content consumption, Nair added that any video more than 5 minutes has a dropout rate of 80 percent. Because of the FTV and Bollywood Hungama deals, a rumour has been doing the rounds that Hungama has taken a state in Nair denied this.

Update: We just received an official note from Zoom regarding the details mentioned in this post: “This is with reference to your article on’s tie-up with Zoom. This is to bring to your notice that the revenue share mentioned in the article is incorrect as well as information on Zoom hiring a video sales team to sell inventory. Kindly request you to please correct the same.”

3 Responses to “Updated: Gets Content From Zoom, FTV And Bollywood Hungama”

  1. Vikramp,

    Either you have inside information or you are merely throwing stones in the dark and hoping somthing hits.

    I have followed Nautanki for some months – I am a publisher of their player and am happy to say that they have cracked most of what is now established norms in video ad market. Autoplay, pre ads all that was started by these people. By merely doing auto play they cannot 'baloon' numbers. Please stop being jealous of what they have done and give them credit.

    If Hungama is actually working on the deal with Nautanki then it is a good deal for both. Neeraj Roy is a very smart person and will take the company to great heights. I do not think Mr Roy will do business just because of Sunil Nair being ex Hungama.

  2. I think hungama might be doing due diligence on claims. They have video auto load feature. so all the numbers can be balooned. They might claim a valuation of 60m INR but thats a call between the investor bankers. Sunil is an ex-hungama guy so deal closure will be quick.