Famous Frames Mobile Launches Digital Studio To Create Mobisodes


Famous Frames, a company that specializes in creating storyboards and concepts for advertising, film, television and multimedia projects, said it is launching a beta digital studio to create multimedia content for mobile phones. As part of the launch, Famous Frames Mobile Interactive, which is based in Los Angeles, is now providing a few “mobisodes” on its Web site, starting with The Three Stooges skit called “The Grate Debate,” which has Moe, Larry and Curly running for president. Release. Famous Frames started off selling mobile content, such as wallpapers and ringtones, but it told The Hollywood Reporter that the timing is perfect to start producing mobile video. “I think mobile’s time has come,” said Mark Miller, FFMI’s CEO and Famous Frames’s President. “When we first started this the question was, ‘Will people want to watch graphic content on the phone?’ And often we were told, ‘No, that is not the case.’ But the iPhone totally changed our industry because now we can deliver our content and you see it in DVD quality. It has become an accepted form of entertainment where you can watch anything you want, any time, anywhere.”

Famous Frame’s has coined its new platform, “nGen,” for next generation, which means it will be creating content for a wide range of formats to digital devices, including PCs, broadband TV, phones, and other handheld devices. It’s joining a growing boutique industry of companies that are producing content that never gets big network or studio attention. The niche will be initially competitive as all those content producers clamour for audiences, and compete fiercely for a small amount of ad dollars.

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