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We Have You to Thank for This

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Although we at GigaOM are well aware that we’re part of the next generation of media, much of what we do and how we do it is governed by some of the most basic rules of traditional journalism, a profession whose ethics and mission we hold very dear to our hearts. So we were especially honored to learn that when presented with 10 of the top technology blogs on the web, tech reporters ranked GigaOM as the most credible one.

PR firm Brodeur, a division of Ominicom, teamed up with Marketwire to find out how beat reporters viewed the influence of social media on traditional news delivery; the survey also asked the reporters to rank blogs and other social media sites. From the survey:

Tech reporters ranked Engadget, Gizmodo, and Boing Boing as by far the most popular among the top 10 tested. But when it comes to credibility of content, journalists rated Arstechnica and GigaOm, along with Engadget, the top three sites. GigaOm scored the highest with 45% saying its content was “very credible.”

We have you to thank for this. Our community hold us to an incredibly high standard; if we’re doing something wrong, you are the first ones to tell us. And it is this evolution of media to which we are most dedicated — the ability to continue the conversation with those whose opinions matter to us the most: our readers.

Of course, we are always looking for good writers. If you’re interested in contributing to the site, drop me a line at carolyn at gigaom dot com.

11 Responses to “We Have You to Thank for This”

  1. Dempsey

    45%??? That’s it? To me that says these “beat reporters” and “Tech reporters” aren’t really paying attention to the new media. After coming to GigaOm through links on other sites (and noticing the quality of the articles), I checked Om’s background, then added the RSS (i.e. my list of credible news sources). Reading the content and knowing the background should signal to anyone that the site is credible.

    While it’s a well deserved compliment to Om & da crew, it’s a collective, back-handed slap to web journalism.


  2. Hi Om et al:
    Congratulations! I always believed in the stuff what you guys had to say. Though I read other blogs (I write my own too), when it comes to credible insights, I always turn back to gigaom. Wish you guys cover more startup news and insights on the market trend. How about coming up with a separate section for startups news, trends, market analysis etc.

    All that said, i wouldn’t be surprised if GigaOm is acquired by some big media company. Wish this happens.You guys deserve it.


  3. Sidharth

    Hi Om

    Congratulations for this . I think that your journalistic background helped in this as you are a little more careful about publishing stories than “attorney turned bloggers” :) (I love techcrunch also). But for me the fact that you are from a journalistic background makes your stories more researched and more genuine. You also seem to have specialists like Liz at Newteevee and Stacey at GigaOM writing on their subjects. 1 person writing on different subjects make it a little less genuine

  4. Well, after Gizmodo’s stunt at CES and shutting off monitors during presentations, people are looking less and less at bloggers as serious journalists. I want news, not fluff or irrelevant posts. Sure, it may be funny and popular, but it fails.