Turn 60 seconds of effort into a several thousand dollar notebook package

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GeekheaderlogoToday is day number 20 in the “31 Days of the Dragon” giveaway and our good friends over at Geek.com get the spotlight. They just announced the deets of their contest which are pretty simple. Just fill out a one-time survey that should take you less than a minute and you’re entered. Not bad; a minute’s worth of work for a HP Pavilion HDX notebook prize package worth thousands of dollars. I wouldn’t wait on this entering this one because so far, it looks like the easiest entry method yet.

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Mike Cane

Is there another model of this for less $? I was in J&R and I saw one for about $2200.

Had to be the same thing.

I couldn’t believe it. It was the size of a frikkin BRIEFCASE!! It should have a built-in handle! It had a Kevlar case, it could double as body armor!

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