Celio REDFLY joins Citrix Ready program


ShowdemowebWell this press release makes perfect sense when you think about it. In fact, we probably should have seen this coming. Celio has just joined the Citrix Ready Program, making the REDFLY an even more attractive tool for the enterprise. And for those running a data center in their basement too, I suppose.Pairing a smartphone, Citrix client and REDFLY, you can easily remote in and control a Windows server using the 8-inch display and QWERTY keyboard on the device. I remember using a Citrix ICA client on my old HP iPAQ to do just that back in 1999 and while useable, it was a bear on the small screen with low resolution and no keyboard. With the REDFLY? Should be a snap!



Redfly 2?

swivel screen-tablet mode, of course!


Mike Cane

Well now, that’s interesting. Since phones have such small screens, and PDAs are basically dead (don’t cite the new round of iPaqs; I’ve been reading up on them — they set new standards for Suck!), the Redfly has found a perfect niche market.

But is that market big enough to keep them in business?

What no one has asked: What can they possibly do for a Redfly 2? Seems like they’re a one-product company.

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