Asus Eee PCs: not all SSDs apparently created equal



The benchmarkers amongst you will certainly appreciate what the EeeUser forums folks have done. They ran the ATTO Disk Benchmark application on various Eee PCs with different SSD memory configurations. The new 900-model Eee PCs come with both a 4 GB main SSD component and either another 12- or 16-GB SSD module for storage.If you thought the read/write speeds of each were the same, you might be disappointed. Turns out the main 4 GB of storage capacity in the 900-model is the fastest, with the same 4 GB in the 700-model coming in around 30% slower. That extra 16 GB in the Linux-based Eee 900? You’re looking at noticeably slower reads and writes in the neighborhood of 50%. I’m thinking I’d want to have my OS on that main 4 GB module on just about any of these units, but check the whole thread for details so you can form your own opinions. James and I were just chatting about this info and I’d agree with his commentary. On a very low margin product like the Eee PC, you’re likely to see the lowest priced, but still functional components on the inside.(via Liliputing & jkkmobile)

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