What Is the Future of the Web?


Is Net Neutrality essential for democracy? What role will AI have in the future of the web? What will Web 4.0 look like? On June 11, in an attempt to answer these and other questions, Tim Berners-Lee and other leading web authorities will gather at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, N.Y., for an old-fashioned debate with a social media twist: The content of the debate will be collaboratively created by web users, who can submit questions and promote them through a user-based ranking system similar to Digg. The most popular questions will form the basis of the debate, which will be webcast live. Viewers will also be able to interact with the panelists by submitting questions and comments in real time. For more details about this interactive event, plus instructions on how to submit and rank questions, go here.



I think the future of the web is to be replaced by something better, just as it replaced the application protocols that came before it. We’ve been extending HTML for almost two decades now, rather than starting over from scratch and using all that knowledge for a clean sheet design. I’ve started blogging some of my ideas on what that new thin client might look like at the link above. Comments are welcome.


Well, I thought it was fun coming up with questions. I was surprised not to see more posted there. They could easily touch on all of the questions that were posted to the website. It’ll be interesting to see how they might pick and choose.


Goodie gum drops, can’t wait to see what the “gods” with a crystal ball have to say.

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