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What Apple’s Rumored Tablet Should Look Like

These photos are taken from the TED blog. Yves Behar, the designer for the XO Laptop discusses what V 2.0 will look like. The new XO laptop, set to arrive in 2010, looks like two giant iPhones glued side-by-side. An all-touchscreen interface, with accelerometers to orient the screen to the correct perspective, and Pong make this look like a must-have, not to mention a way better design than the current XO laptop.

I suggest Apple rip this design out from under them and throw some sweet OS X goodness on there.

Behar says this second version of the XOXO “is a book, a tablet, a board…and yes, a laptop too if that is what you need. The design is still green and white, but thin, simple, and un-interrupted by keyboards, buttons, speaker holes, input devices and visible connectors. And it is soft to the touch, like a piece of luggage, everyday luggage you can take anywhere.”

[Via TEDBlog]

9 Responses to “What Apple’s Rumored Tablet Should Look Like”

  1. Himpoutarou

    This might come as a surprise to way too many people, but:…for….children! get it?

    It’s not for you, you touchtypertypes, it’s for children in developing countries etc.
    And have you seen a 6-12 yo. needing to touchtype??
    They look at ‘C’ and push it, they look at ‘A’ and push it, then they look at ‘T’ and push it and get really happy when the computer says “C, A, T, cat, that is correct!”.

    The keyboard will respond to touch by light in the touched key and a sound like “tic” will be heard, this will suffice.

    I still don’t master touchtyping, and look at the keyboard when starting a new word, but could not do with out a feel of the keys.
    So I keep to my Eee 904 hd and let the kids have the XOXO.

  2. Mitashade

    Well in case of blindness, this wouldn’t be the laptop for you, would it? Besides… a laptop is almost completely useless for someone without sight.

  3. Derrick


    I suspect that Farfield’s comment refers to touch typing (i.e. typing without looking at the keyboard). Without any tactile feedback, it might be difficult to know which keys one is pressing on a touchscreen without looking down at the keyboard.

  4. Reece

    Interesting comment either below this one or obove I have no idea bexouse this is the second comment) how do you know what it looks like if your blind? I don’t want to be mean or anything, just curious.

  5. Wow that looks quite amazing. I don’t know how you could type without looking though (blind).

    I like the idea of using such a tablet for taking notes (when you’re a student for instance) since I don’t like people in sitting in presentations and classrooms with laptop screens in front of them.