Robert Scoble Working on Show withat Rev3


Robert Scoble, the tech commentator who took his interview show from PodTech to Fast Company earlier this year, is working on a new show with online video studio Revision3, he disclosed today at a conference and later confirmed on Twitter.

The show is to be called and will be filmed at Rev3, said Scoble. Knowing him, we will certainly be hearing much, much more about it soon.

Update: Revision3 tells us this is not actually one of their shows, rather they are renting their studio space and crew to Scoble and Fast Company for part of one day each week.

Disclosure: Revision3 produces The GigaOM Show, which is on hiatus for the summer.


Liz Gannes

Re: Rev3 renting — they’ve spent a lot of money on that equipment, they’ve got to recoup it somehow!

Liz Gannes

The GigaOM is on hiatus because of Om’s health. We’ll definitely let you know when it comes back.

Daisy Whitney

Interesting that Rev3 is renting the space…sounds similar to FYI’s approach as a production house for hire

Allen Stern

Thanks for the link Liz – I just added your link with the actual name of the show. Good detective work!

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