Aluminum antenna boosts cell signals for 10 minutes only


Image_sb_0People just don’t believe me when I tell them that my UMPC goes everywhere I go, but it’s true. How else could I have captured a pic of the newest and most powerful 3G antenna I’m wearing? The carefully positioned foils added two bars of signal strength to my EV-DO card! Amazing! I could also pickup three local radio stations with no extra effort on my part. Unfortunately, all good mobile tech has limitations. There was a little wind-up timer that only provided for 10 minutes of usage before the antenna was discarded like trash. How sad…

OK, maybe not. But I’m comfortable enough in my manhood to take one for the team and provide the “office humor” for the day. Besides, all the girls at the hair salon have a thing for integrated webcams. I’ve even got pictures to prove it. ;)



Hehehehehe. I just couldn’t imagine how James (JK) would look like if he wears that…


jeesus…now I cant go to bed! I will have bad dreams! :)

heh, watch out so you dont pick up any government mind control signals or alien invasion declarations…

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