OneNote and my UMPC camera are friends again

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ErrorJust yesterday I noticed that on my UMPC I couldn’t use the integrated webcams natively with Microsoft OneNote. After reading the various reader comments, I took a new approach this morning. I got to thinking how this wasn’t an issue in Windows XP, so I decided to focus on why that might be. This thought led me to the properties of the OneNote.exe executable itself; specifically, the compatibility and the security privileges.

Heading down this path, I tried running OneNote with Windows XP SP2 compatibility and as Admin. Sure enough, I was able to snap these four shots without any issue whatsoever, so I knew I had a workaround. I tested the various combinations of with & without XP compatibility and not as Admin and it turns out that the workaround is simply to run OneNote as Admin.


It really shouldn’t have been this difficult to figure out what the issue was here and quite frankly, the error message was less than helpful. Remember it was: "You can’t press too quickly! We haven’t get the image yet!" Huh?!? In any case, I’m glad to have the functionality back. I’m even taking advantage of the Elevation Sidebar Gadget I found yesterday as a result

. With this “fix”, I can seamlessly insert photos right into OneNote:


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