N-trig brings multi-touch to the large(er) screen


You probably recognize N-trig, the folks behind the multi-touch solution in the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. Well, they’re not literally behind it because if they were you’d never get a thing done with your notebook, right? Today, they’ve announced their DuoSense magic for larger displays and even have the above YouTube video demonstration.As much as folks understandably “ooh” and “aah” over these types of demos, I still don’t see any major consumer adoption of this tech in the near future. Multi-touch applications make much more sense (to me anyway) on a small screen, not on a large display. There’d have to be a major paradigm shift in the home to have table or flat-lying displays to make use of this. Ergonomically, it wouldn’t make sense for an implementation on a physical display standing in front of you like today’s desktop and notebook monitors. For now, I’ll offer the “ooh” and “aah”, but I won’t be pining to see this in my environment. Now if I were a graphic designer or the like I might have a different opinion. How about you?


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