More 3G iPhone Rumors: Gizmodo “Confirms” It


Gizmodo is “confirming” that Apple will release a 3G iPhone next month at WWDC. This is a fairly widely circulated rumor – Gizmodo isn’t saying anything new, but is just betting all of their chips that it’s true.

Leo Laporte has mentioned a couple of times (on his TWiT podcasts) that he believes the iPhone 3G will be available on other carriers besides AT&T in the United States. The iPhone is a strong product and has definitely gained a strong foothold in the market and given RIM a run for its money, but has been limited in sales by the fact that it’s currently tied to what most people believe is one of the least-reliable cell networks in the nation. Having a new iPhone that operates on Verizon or Sprint would make it an interesting product and definitely increase adoption. I, for one, would prefer this, as large parts of my lovely home state of Illinois outside of Chicago are not well-covered by AT&T.

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