Mapping Climate Change Using Google Earth


[qi:_earth2tech] How to visualize the colossal amount of data surrounding climate change? Al Gore squeezed a lot of info into 100 minutes and a PowerPoint presentation, but the next step needs to be dynamic, interactive and malleable. With that in mind, two government research groups out of the UK have released climate change-related data using Google Earth Outreach. Earth2Tech has the full story on their efforts, as well as a how-to for viewing the data.



Google earth should create a function that enables people to view detailed maps of all the ski areas. Great idea! I can’t imagine how convenient it would be to see all the runs and lifts.


Why does GigaOm post about this? Where’s the snooze alarm?


If only Google Earth could track carbon emissions to the source and then use a laser guided missile from outer space to take out the largest polluters… but wait, that means Al Gore would be toast. Nevermind.


Uhhhh – PowerPoint? Nope, it’s a Keynote presentation.

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