Hulu Leads Network Sites, Adds Partners


Hulu just broke into the top 10 of all online video sites, according to Nielsen’s April measure. The site, which has only been public for two months, is now seeing more than 63 million streams and 2.4 million users per month, with each user viewing more than two hours of video. That beats out all network TV sites — including Hulu’s parents, FOX and NBC.

Hulu also said today it had signed seven new distribution partners, the first additions to that list since before the company even had a name. While Hulu content is embeddable and as a result, available just about everywhere, these sites have direct deals for the library (as AOL, Comcast, MSN, MySpace and Yahoo have had for the last six months). Today Hulu content and advertising debuts on;,,,, and are on the way. Hulu also said it’s working with Facebook to send alerts about what users are watching directly to their activity feeds.

Hulu also noted it had added tools to make it easier for users to embed video and subscribe to shows.

More coverage of Nielsen’s April numbers, coming right up!


Davis Freeberg

Something looks funny with these numbers. When Stage6 shut down they were doing 19 million uniques a month and didn’t even crack the “top ten” video lists. Now Hulu is in the top ten with only 2.4 million uniques? Given the popularity of sites like Mininova and TPB, it’s hard for me to believe that Hulu is anywhere near their traffic. Is it possible that Nielsen’s stats are only tracking US visitors and/or only Nielsen clients? I remember reading somewhere that Nielsen won’t release complementary results from their surveys unless you are paying them. If so, you should make it clear that Nielsen is only reporting on US traffic (and/or clients) and not what the rest of the world is watching.

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