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Greener Chip Startup CamSemi Raises $8M

An energy-efficient gadget needs to be green at its very core: the chip. CamSemi is a six-year-old fabless semiconductor startup based in Cambridge, England, which is designing energy-saving integrated circuits for the power supply consumer electronics market. On Monday the startup said it had added $8 million from BankInvest Group’s New Energy Solutions VC fund.

Back in October, the company said it had raised a Series C round of $26 million from 3i Group, Scottish Equity Partners and Carbon Trust Investments. That brings the company’s total funding to $34 million.

CamSemi makes a power conversion chip for the power cords that charge a consumer electronics device, such as a cell phone. The CamSemi chips eliminate some of the energy lost from the AC to DC conversion, as well as extra circuitry inside the power cord, making them smaller. The company says it is already shipping products.

Making consumer electronics greener is a growing trend as companies such as Dell, Nokia, HP and even Apple, are looking for ways to help consumers cut down on energy bills and fight climate change. While a company like CamSemi is focusing more on helping electronics manufacturers deliver a cheaper, smaller and more energy-efficient product, we’ll have to wait and see how much consumers will be willing to pay to get a “greener” gadget.