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GigaOM Interview: John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla Corp.

Last week I got a chance to sit down with John Lilly, the newly appointed CEO of Mozilla Corp. We were slotted to chat a long time ago, but unfortunately life got in the way of our plans. He appeared on The GigaOM Show in February, and was interviewed by Joyce Kim and Liz Gannes. [digg=]

Still, the two of us always wanted to chat. And that’s what we finally did, discussing everything from shortcomings of today’s browsers, Mozilla’s late entry into the world of mobiles and Firefox 3.0, which according to Lilly will go final and be ready to download in June 2008. (Mozilla just released the RC 1, which our sister site, OStatic, reviewed.) One of a few things we agreed on was that browsers need to find a better way of handling media – not just photos but the video clips that are becoming prevalent all over the net. He took a little swipe at iPhone as well, which was kinda cool.

Now this isn’t a produced video segment, and I captured the chat using my Macbook Pro’s built-in camera using the PhotoBooth. There are a whole bunch of people walking around in the background, and there are moments of questionable audio quality. Nevertheless, it is still fun and edited down to a consumable time length. Check it out.

[protected-iframe id=”d635aa3c74499c21e33639064d2d16bb-14960843-15759885″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”340″]

9 Responses to “GigaOM Interview: John Lilly, CEO of Mozilla Corp.”

  1. Great interview… trying out FF beta 3.0 and fixes many issues, crashes and memory hogs on my Mac.

    One thing, Firefox, please add a “Add bookmark here” menu item in each bookmark folder. It’s such a pain to add a simple bookmark!

  2. ronald

    Funny thing is, he describes basically how Microsoft could beat Google. I mean by integrating local data with global data in search. If they(MS) would go a step further and build information out of these data, Google would have a hard time. But that’s just the technical aspect of it, how to make money out of it is a different one. Also I thought MS wouldn’t have any problems with that, but lately they seem to have lost even that capability.
    Or maybe it’s just my cold talking.