FlyTunes adds video, improved interface for your iPhone, iPod Touch


FlytunesUntil we see Internet Radio station playback over the air, I’m continuing to use FlyTunes, the audio streaming web service for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices. I was impressed when I last looked at FlyTunes because they had plenty of content and many channels were optimized for use over the slower EDGE network. Last week, the company refreshed the user interface a wee bit, so you can now choose your tunes with two simple drop-down controls. Even though they made it easier, I still gravitate towards the same channel. Go figure.I haven’t tried out this other new function but FlyTunes has also added audio and video podcasts, which brings their total channel count up to 350 from the previous total of 150. The service is still free and the company plans to bring FlyTunes to other devices in the future.(via IntoMobile)

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