William Morris Launching Agency 3.0 With Amp’d Founder Adderton


imageWilliam Morris Agency is launching a new branded content and marketing division, called Agency 3.0, working with former Amp’d Mobile CEO and founder Peter Adderton. The division, which will operate as a separate company, has most of the creative team behind Amp’d’s critically acclaimed content services, and has signed on *Qualcomm* and *Clearwire* as clients, we have learned, though the company refused to confirm these clients. Our sources also say that WMA is going to invest as much as $3 million into the venture over time, though again, the company refused comment on any amount.

Other executives in the new company include Greg Johnson, former founder of Interpublic’s Emerging Media Lab, who will head the company’s practice addressing consumer brand companies and traditional agencies; Steve Stanford, the former CEO of Icebox, and former COO of Amp’d, who will head the company’s practice in the entertainment industry; Scott Anderson, former creative head and co-founder of both Boost Mobile and Amp



Ok Wireless Guru. Back from fetching my boss' coffee.

By the way, he said to tell you that you should spend less time trolling message boards and more time working on the Agency 3.0 company site.

He said something about his 15 year old's myspace being more effective and creative. When he started muttering on about sand and vaseline and "these assclowns couldn't monetize the cure for cancer!" I kinda tuned out and went back over to the copy machine. All I heard as i was walking out was some kind of reference to monkeys and footballs.

HAHAHA All the way home

Good one. Crocodile Ampdee is a smooth talker filled with nothing but lies lies lies.


Well I’m not sure who comes out on top, but with Adderton involved, we know who is going to be at the bottom.

Matter of fact, anyone that gives Crocodile Ampdee money, ends up being a bottom to that power top.

Unknown Soldier

the thought of being a senior exec or a respected industry leader and posting with ones real name,speaking candidly,is absurd,many speak their mind,speak the truth when they have the option of anonymity, this is the beauty of comments,based on the fact that their are so many NEGATIVES in regard to adderton it is obvious that there is something here that does not add up from a credibility standpoint on his behalf, being a senior C level exec that has dealt with this individual in the past. I too would say that I would refuse to in the future and would dissuade any of my partners to do so as well, this being said… i think I will keep my credentials and name private, this is both the beauty of a democracy and comment forums, often the truth is self evident, just read these and others on adderton through past history on valleywag and other sites,the guy is just not well liked, why? because he does not deliver, ever, plain and simple and will promise most the world. Failing on repeated promise is a sure way to gain a loyal following of enemies. Good luck peter. Enjoy your last hurray before you finally slog your way back to Australia.

wireless guru is most likely adderton or stanford, ignore the trolls.



The "core issues" you've outlined are… about as boring and bitter as all the other posts.

"Uhhh" is likely your most coherant remark of the day. Well done!

Now go fetch your manager level direct report some coffee. Cream no sugar, Schmuck.



Wireless Guru, I'll just assume your SSN and Driver's License are issued in the name "Wireless Guru". That would make what you say have so much more impact and credibility.

In my opinion, you actually come off as being nothing more than a low level nutswinger.

And please, when speaking about bored and bitter, I do not believe the purpose of this board is to vent about your spouse's bedroom demeanor.

Let's keep this dialogue constructive and focus on the core issues.



At least this team puts its name out there and doesn't hide behind anoymous posts. Probably a bunch of low level staffers who are scared to raise their voice in a company meeting, let alone start anything on their own.

jp, Hero of the Stupid, Stop Complaining and Go Outside,

Always safe to play Mr Knowitall spewing pontifications within the confinds of a message board, huh ladies…


You've got bored, bitter people on these boards Rafat…

Stop Complaining and Go Outsid

Scratch just beneath the surface. Agency 3.0 is a new company that is making claims to be a digital technology leader, next generation marketing agency, and strategic content developer. How will this team design, implement or monetize anything? There is no success record. A tragically failed MVNO, wasted millions on content deals that hemorrhaged money, and partnership with an overly expensive boutique advertising agency that laughed all the way to the bank. Not to mention the messy and destructive closure of Amp’d that raised many eyebrows at the bookkeeping practices.

It’s not surprising that they’re at it again. What’s surprising is that anyone is giving any credence to what they’re currently claiming. It’s just another gasp of a dying one-trick-pony (in case you’re wondering, the trick uses smoke and mirrors). Their business idea didn’t work for Amp’d, it’s not working for Clearwire (anyone seen anything Clearmedia? Apparently they’ve launched a 404), and it won’t work for any other client. How nice to have your R&D;funded completely again and again, along with your Hollywood lifestyle. They seem to be in the business of starting companies, gaining capital, and spending.

As for the staff, I can’t get to Interpublic’s press site to find out if it’s more than just another image share site, so there’s no way to know what Greg Johnson accomplished. Steve Stanford was one of the first executives to bail out of Amp’d after being VP Marketing at Boost, going directly over as Founder and CEO of another MVNO (Voce). And don’t be fooled – Dan Cohrs is still involved as the agency’s CFO. Global Crossing ring a bell anyone? Old friends can still share good fortune.

Anyone who partners with them is getting what they deserve. Way to go William Morris. I, for one, am not about to lament the advertising industry being swindled by one of its own.

Hero of the Stupid

He'll use 2.5M on gas for his helicopter, and try and run the biz on 500K. Oh and like at Amp'd, I'm sure that won't be on the books either.


Correction R.I.P.

It's "Douchebag 3.0"

Carry on.

B.K. Ampdisgone

"With Clearwire, as we reported earlier, it has helped in the development of its Clearmedia platform, though exact details are not known. "

That is an incomplete sentence.

"With Clearwire, as we reported earlier, it has helped in the development of its Clearmedia platform, though exact details are not known to anyone, including the bloated ego incompetents at Agency 3.0"

From 350 million raised at Amp'd to 3 million raised for this turd. After this tanks he'll slice his ability to raise funds by another 99% and raise 30k to partner in a Dunkin Donuts franchise touting the "Donuts 4.0" by dropping wi-fi in his store.


i can't believe these people are giving this fleabag loser adderton money for his new company, what has the world come to?


are you kidding me!!! who could back these idiots !!!! astonishing!


Let's read between the lines

"In his latest venture, Adderton teamed with longtime business partner Steve Stanford, the founder and CEO of Voce, an MVNO that imploded even more quickly, and in the same spectacular fashion, as Adderton's Amp'd Mobile. Adderton and Stanford took light-hearted jabs at each other's not-so-distant business failings."

TRANSLATION: "Can you believe we suckered someone into this after the enormity of the failed ventures in our wake

"Adderton and his team are thinking big. "I'm about game changing," he said.

"To be honest, I'd like to take something on like Sprint," Adderton added. "Because that's a challenge."

Later on, he mentioned Motorola Inc.

TRANSLATION: "I know this venture is going to go south just like before, so I may as wll start lobbying for my next gig"

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