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Networks Accuse Video Sharer RedLasso Of Breaking Copyright Laws

Last November, we wrote about the $6.5 million funding of RedLasso, a video sharing platform for professional content, which promised control and revenue sharing for content creators. RedLasso embeds have become rather prevalent on blogs lately, and peHUB (sub req’d) recently reported that it was close to raising a new round. But the company may have gotten ahead of itself: Reuters is reporting (and the company has confirmed to us) that CBS (NYSE: CBS), NBC and Fox have accused the company of breaking copyright law, demanding that it stop distributing and displaying their broadcasts. The company’s response: “We believe that curtailing distribution through the Redlasso platform only exacerbates a flawed distribution model. We hope to develop mutually beneficially partnerships with the world’s major media companies, including many of those we’ve heard from today.”

Basically, the company has been in talks with the major media companies for a while to hammer out a friendly rev-share deal, but so far they haven’t announced any. A recent profile at NTV seemed to anticipate this coming down the pike: “King of Prussia, Penn.-based RedLasso has exactly zero deals to show this content, but the company says it is on good terms with broadcasters and expects to get their permission soon. As we said when we last wrote about them, how 2006! Right about now might be a pretty good time to get permission, seeing as the company zoomed up to this 24 million unique count from just 2 million uniques in November.