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Earnings: HT Media To Build Real Estate, Matrimonial Portals; Claims 130 M Pageviews/Year For

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In its earnings release, HT Media has claimed that ( has emerged as the No.2 player in the news segment with approximately 2.4 million users, and about 130 million annual page views (that an average of 1.08 10.8 million pageviews a month). The company also states that their recently launched jobs portal has received 1.25 lakh candidate registrations, and more than 4000 recruiter accounts; during the year, launched a portfolio tracker, WAP site, SMS alerts, 4 vertical blogs, market information package with recommendations and a stock map. During the year, they had also acquired There’s only a brief mention of Private Equity deals (selling ads for stake in companies), that it’s providing “strong business leverages”, but no details.

For FY09, HT Media intends to build real estate and matrimonial verticals through Firefly e-Ventures, and grow the social networking and jobs portals.

More as we have it.’s Investors section hasn’t been updated yet.

7 Responses to “Earnings: HT Media To Build Real Estate, Matrimonial Portals; Claims 130 M Pageviews/Year For”

  1. sane man

    Invest in Infoedge will come USD 3 billion market cap in 2 years, currently less than USD 1bn. Very high operating leverage, in Vantage position.

  2. Long Time Listner Repeat Calle

    Aaah is this the reason why they hire truck load of strategy whiz from ISB ? Whats next ? an Education Portal ?

    I have a better strategy advice for them. Have a little mercy on your share holders and shut down the god damn Fire(back)(not) Fly internet business of yours and put that money in infoedge's stock . you are copying them mindlessly anyway so don't spoil that plan by trying to mix your intelligence in it.

  3. kartik

    i million page view a month? Ibnlive gets that or sometimes double in a single day, I think you meant 10.8 million page views per month…

  4. Ritesh Deshmukh

    Another pearl of wisdom…:D

    Raghav, Mandarin is widely used official language in China and is probably the only language that unites the country. Which language unites India??

    Moreover, the guy who have the bare minimum moolah , is comfortable with English.

    I simply hate the guys who come up with stupid language gyan :x

  5. raghav

    1 million page views a month is making them proud but it making me feel ashamed of indian companies….1 million is not a great no. where population is1.25 billion……so a piece of advice do focus on hindi content,,,,bcos thats the primary reason for high growth in chinese internet users