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Prom Queen Resurfaces in Japan

Cultural transposition is always a bit…weird…and the accessibility the Internet provides doesn’t really change that. Case in point: Remember how one of the alternative revenue streams for Vuguru’s Prom Queen was to come from licensing the show in Japan and France? Well, the Japanese version has been airing for a couple weeks now, and it’s a trip.

Tokyo Prom Queen seems at times a shot-for-shot remake of the original, but just as often I had no idea what was going on. If you watched the original show, this is probably worth a look.

The Big Fantastic guys (who created the original Prom Queen) tell us they just handed over the script to the local team, which took things from there. Each episode has a pre-roll as well as product placement information about the clothing worn by the cast. And according to the deal the Japanese version will go all the way through the 80-episode season and its less-successful follow-up, Prom Queen: Summer Heat. Still no word about whether that show, or its predecessor, Sam Has Seven Friends (the show that Vuguru took offline and hasn’t put back up), will get picked up for second season.

Sorry if this is a cheap shot, but here’s some Google Translate action on the show description:

“Prom Night was drawing near, the collapse of the international relations department of the students.
Friend’s betrayal, love and farewell, attempted suicide, chasing them from the shadow of a mysterious gaze.”

Prom Queen‘s not the only Japanese remake around; this week’s Saturday Night Live featured a digital short of the supposed Japanese inspiration for The Office, introed by creator Ricky Gervais and starring a black-hair-dyed Steve Carell along with some great impressions by the SNL cast. See the “prequel” below: