Pivot Bluetooth Keyboard: a worthy tool for your mobile device?

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PivotbluetoothkeyboardThat’s the question I ask when reading any reviews of mobile peripherals: is it worth carrying around all the time with my [insert mobile device name here]? I’m a huge fan of the Think Outside Stowaway wireless keyboard that I use with my UMPC, so I had to read pocketnow’s Pivot Bluetooth Keyboard review. From a size and form-factor perspective, the Pivot looks very similar to the older Think Outside model: the keyboard unfolds from two halves but the keys are a little smaller. There’s five key rows on the Pivot to the older TO’s four that I used to own; I always missed the dedicated number row as a result.Like many other wireless keyboards, the Pivot works with Windows Mobile as well as Windows, but it relies on the standard Bluetooth HID driver. As a result, pocketnow found that some hotkeys didn’t work consistently on different devices. Probably not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice to see OS-specific drivers to address this. Most portable wireless keyboards don’t come cheap and the Pivot is no exception here: it will cost you $139.99 direct. If you can still find a Think Outside Sierra like I did, I’d consider that over the Pivot. This larger keyboard still folds up, but provides a full-size typing experience that you’ll appreciate if you do heavy text input. You might even consider the $79 Apple Bluetooth keyboard; it doesn’t fold up but it’s light and thin, plus it pairs nicely with a UMPC. I’ve paired it with a Windows Mobile 6 device as well, but only some of the keys work and I just can’t do without the letter “a”. ;)

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Marcelo Rodrigues

I have the Freedom Universal Bluetooth Keyboard which has a SPP/HID switch. I had been looking
for this keyboard for a while and it is now available in the US ( some place have it for $80, search for it.) It has a open footprint which is smaller than the Stowaway, the main reason I waited for its release. The other reason is that they fold nicely in two halves with a quick one-handed movement. The Stowaway seemed awkward to me. They are the same as the older HP Bluetooth Folding Keyboard with the ability to also use HID. The fact that is switchable means I always have it regardless of the device I choose to carry.

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