Pivot Bluetooth Keyboard: a worthy tool for your mobile device?

PivotbluetoothkeyboardThat’s the question I ask when reading any reviews of mobile peripherals: is it worth carrying around all the time with my [insert mobile device name here]? I’m a huge fan of the Think Outside Stowaway wireless keyboard that I use with my UMPC, so I had to read pocketnow’s Pivot Bluetooth Keyboard review. From a size and form-factor perspective, the Pivot looks very similar to the older Think Outside model: the keyboard unfolds from two halves but the keys are a little smaller. There’s five key rows on the Pivot to the older TO’s four that I used to own; I always missed the dedicated number row as a result.Like many other wireless keyboards, the Pivot works with Windows Mobile as well as Windows, but it relies on the standard Bluetooth HID driver. As a result, pocketnow found that some hotkeys didn’t work consistently on different devices. Probably not a deal-breaker, but it would be nice to see OS-specific drivers to address this. Most portable wireless keyboards don’t come cheap and the Pivot is no exception here: it will cost you $139.99 direct. If you can still find a Think Outside Sierra like I did, I’d consider that over the Pivot. This larger keyboard still folds up, but provides a full-size typing experience that you’ll appreciate if you do heavy text input. You might even consider the $79 Apple Bluetooth keyboard; it doesn’t fold up but it’s light and thin, plus it pairs nicely with a UMPC. I’ve paired it with a Windows Mobile 6 device as well, but only some of the keys work and I just can’t do without the letter “a”. ;)


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