OneNote doesn’t play nice with my UMPC cameras


Error Feeling sick over the weekend, I laid low offline and decided to delve into some desktop applications instead of using the web apps I prefer. Since my cord was cut, I dug around in one of my favorite bits of software: Microsoft OneNote. I installed it on my UMPC a few weeks back and wanted to play with some of the advanced features. Previously, I’ve used OneNote Mobile on a Windows Mobile device to take pictures and have them automatically inserted in my OneNote notebooks. It came in handy with a home project in the past, but since I no longer carry a Windows Mobile Phone, I was looking for another option when it hit me: OneNote can accept images directly from a webcam. My Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium, has not one, but two integrated webcams, so I figured I was all set! Just use the rear-facing camera to snap pics of projects, documents, UPS tracking numbers and more to have them all sucked into OneNote for later use.

Alas, it was not to be. The Vista Device Manager recognizes that I have a USB Webcam, but it doesn’t appear in the "Scanners and Cameras" section of the Control Panel. I’m not able to "install" these cameras in that section either. In OneNote, hitting the Insert, Pictures, From Scanner or Camera does open the dialog box for my camera and even shows a live preview image, but it’s unable to snap the picture. I suspect that’s because the "Select Device" drop-down is blank and unusable, probably because Vista doesn’t show the camera in the "Scanners and Camera" section.


I’ve tried tweaking various settings and even tried different drivers from Vimicro, the camera manufacturer, but no such luck. Every attempt shows an error message. I’m not really any worse off because I can still use the Samsung Camera Play application to snap and save pics, but I’d rather get them in OneNote natively instead of taking the pics, saving them and then inserting them.


Allan Pedersen

Well my integrated camera on my HTC shift works great in Onenote, so i guess htc can deliver driver that works.

I am getting so tired of everyone blaming every problem they have on Vista.


I briefly tested with my Q1U-V which runs Vista Home Premium and Onenote 2007, and it worked for me. There are a couple differences between my setup and Kevin’s though. Mine is Q1 Ultra (not UP), and I used the front side camera instead of the rear side one.
I will test again with the rear side camera, but since my Q1u is being upgraded to Vista Ultimate, it will take a while before I will be able to do that.

Kevin C. Tofel

Josh, is that with XP or Vista? I completely agree about the one board issue; would have been nice for them to be separate.


I use DialKeys Gen2 to insert pictures into word, excel and onenote. I never had a problem.

The only issue is that you need to use the samsung camera app to switch it to the rear camera. It would have been nicer from samsung to not try to save by using one logic board for to cameras but use one logic board per camera.

James Kendrick

It’s probably the same reason that Microsoft’s own Windows Movie Maker won’t detect any integrated web cams either.


Yeah, it’s a Vista problem. They dropped video device support from the Windows Image Acquisition driver, and insist developers use the Windows Portable Devices driver instead. In other words, only still image devices (i.e. scanners) now appear in Scanners and Cameras.

Most applications will still play nice by talking directly to the webcam’s drivers, but anything which is expecting to talk to the camera through WIA (including OneNote) is utterly stuffed. Microsoft is all about joined-up thinking, clearly.


Okay, so I guess I’m the only one commenting on this blog but it’s okay. =D I did download the OneNote (trial version) and tried to take a picture with Q1UP webcam and insert it right in to the note. It actually worked for me. I guess the reason why it didn’t work for Kevin’s Q1UP is because it’s running the Vista. Since it worked for me, I’m sure Kevin will figure out a way to make it work on his Vista sportin’ Q1UP as well.


I would love to try it out on my Windows XP tablet edition but I don’t have OneNote yet. I will download the trial version to see if it works on my Samsung UMPC. If it works, it’s clearly a vista problem. If it doesn’t work, then the problem remains to be solved and it could either be the vista, OneNote, or the webcam problem. I’m sure Kevin will come up with some kind of solution in the near future, though. =D


The title simply says “OneNote doesn’t play nice with my UMPC cameras”. Nowhere in the title does it mention anything about Vista or OneNote problems.

Allan Pedersen

Your title for this article should have bad drivers for my webcam dosent alow it to used in Onenote. It is not a Vista problem and not a Onenote problem either.

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